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Tel: 01926 450 375

Services We Offer

  • Car service and repairs
  • Diagnostics on all makes & models
  • Diesel fuel injection
  • Car electric and electronics repairs
  • Brakes and clutches
  • 30 yrs of experience

Welcome to Our website!

Welcome to spa auto services . Established since 1987 we are now in our 30th years of operaion peration serving Warwickshire area. We also have vehicle service area to assist with diagnostics and repairs on all types of diesel powered vehicles.Every year we spend a great deal of time, effort, and money to ensure that our technicians are fully trained and up to date, and that our tools and specialized test and repair equipment meets or exceeds the OEM's specifications.

While routine maintenance is extremely important, engine tuning and engine performance diagnostics take your car's performance one step further!

A full diagnostic check and comprehensive engine tuning can not only prolong the life of your engine, but also improve your engine performance and make it more economical to run. It's far cheaper to prevent problems from happening with your car engine than to repair them once they have happened. Ensure your engine tuning and diagnostics are checked regularly!!

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For professional and trustworthy engine diagnostic services call today on 01926 450 375
Fuel injection problems

About Us

At Spa Auto Services we believe that routine maintenance of your vehicle is extremely important but engine tuning and engine performance diagnostics can take your car's performance one step further!

Unit 4, Neilston Street
Leamington Spa
CV31 2AZ
Tel: 01926 450375
Email: spaautoservices@gmail.com

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